The Lean Method For Making Video Content

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  1. If you’re not embarrassed of your product, you launched too late. Making content is never going to be perfect. Your voice will crack, there will be something in the background you don’t want, you’ll believe you’re not good in front of the camera, the list goes on…We’re not making the next Oscar winning film. The point is to get something up, see how it performs and optimise.
  2. Work Smarter Not Harder. If you have a small budget or you are bootstrapping, DO NOT (I repeat) invest in expensive video equipment OR a production company to get your content made. Large scale production companies are ripping people off left and right (bigger budgets just make things easier, I can vouch for this) But it can always be done cheaper than they say. If you have the budget, then go for it, your content will be top tier, but what if no one watches it? What if I told you people like low fidelity content? Audiences are like zombies, but instead of being hungry for brains, they are hungry for video…in any form they can get it.
  3. Develop an MVP. Okay, now we’re in production mode! This is the magic sauce I am talking about, get something made as quickly and as cheaply as possible. If your message is good, you are genuine, your story is honest, your offer or discount or USP is clear and kick ass, then you are ready! You don’t need a million dollar commercial. People will watch, especially with a tiny bit of ad spend behind it on Facebook. With a very targeted audience, you will find that they are hungry for the information. Alas, the true core of the MVP part of this story is making the content….keep reading, it’s coming.
  4. Validated Learning. Okay so let’s say you’ve made the content. Your experiment is up…you’ve posted the video to every channel (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and told all of your friends to watch), it’s on your landing page, it’s on your product page, now what? You need to follow the other steps of the scientific method; observe, analyse, and learn. Track the results, read the comments, try to deduce if the video performed.
  5. Build-Measure-Learn. Great, you learned from your first video test. Now you need to keep going, keep testing new styles of content, keep making videos. If it performed like crazy, start making multiple videos a week! Then 1 a day. Set aside a time each morning when you wake up, to make your video of the day. Make a routine of it, every day at 9am you make 1 video. Make (build) more videos, track the results (categorize the content and track results in a spreadsheet with date of post, time of post, type of video, etc). Learn what is working and make more! Or don’t. If it’s not working after several tests, video content in general or the content you’re making might not be right for your brand. (Try adding paid spend to a specific targeted audience before you give up, Facebook’s algorithms LOVE video). Optimise your strategy from your learnings, make more videos like the ones that work, and keep testing, and grow. Once you are growing, invest in better equipment, keep growing, hire a part time video editor, keep growing, hire a video production unit. You get the picture.

The Lean Method of Making Video Content

1. Shoot with iPhone

  • On insta-stories ALWAYS tag location, and a hashtag, so you potentially get featured on their respective stories.
  • Try to use the same filter across multiple story posts
  • Add a face to the brand (Talk to the camera in selfie mode!)
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3. iPhone Accessories you need for lean video production

4. Edit using your phone

  • Forget wires, cords and transferring media. Again, just use your phone, its quick and dirty. I quite like to use the Clips app.
  • Always add subtitles (I cannot stress this enough). No subtitles…no point in posting. Sorry.

5. Don’t be afraid to go live.

  • Live streams have a great shelf life
  • Tell your users to like the livestream so ‘You know they’re there!’ (helps Facebook see engagement and help the post get more eyes)
  • Ask your users to comment if the sound is good. (helps Facebook see engagement and help the post get more eyes)
  • Try to have an employee or coworker sit by to reply to comments
  • Go for gold! The longer you can stream live the better.
  • Be creative, have a live stream auction or sale on your clearance items, live stream an unboxing of your product, trying your product, etc.
  • Invite another page or influencer to be allowed to livestream on your page…you can give them access to go live on your page but NOT have any other access to posting.
  • Once your live streams are performing, spruce em up! Check out Switcher Studios , Go Lightstream,



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